Christmas Rescue: How first aid made a difference

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Running a First aid at work course (3 Days). This course was over several weeks.

Day 1 All delegates are Taught how to deal with the choking Patient. This is for anyone over the age of twelve.


How it is done

Where if the patient was severely choking where they are unable to breathe, unable to cough and unable to Speak.

  1. Lean your patient forward and support them in this position.
  2. Then with the heel of your hand deliver 5 back blows right between the shoulder blades, after each blow check to see if anything has come out, if not continue.
  3. After 5 Back blows, you are going to administer 5 abdominal thrusts
  4. Knuckle of the thumb of your dominate hand placed just above the belly button the other hand around and cup the already positioned hand, position your chest hard against the patients back to prevent you just pulling them towards you. Then position of your head off centre, best to rest your chin on their shoulder, preventing the patients head hitting your nose.
  5. Then with a sharp inward pull and upwards thrust carry out 5 of these abdominal thrusts.
  6. If the obstruction is not freed, repeat these actions a further 2 more times, if still not removed get someone to dial 999/112.
  7. Then continues these actions of 5 back blows and 5 abdominal thrusts , till either you have removed the obstruction, the ambulance has arrived, you’re your patient has collapsed (always check Airway, Breathing) If not Breathing then this is a respiratory arrest 5 breaths first followed by 30 chest compressions then 2 breaths and 30 compressions and continue.

To Note

On successful removal of the obstruction it is important that if

You have carried out abdominal thrusts               

They have a persistent cough

Difficulty in swallowing


They have a lumpy feeling in the throat area, they are to go to hospital to be examined.

Now you know

However, dealing with Babies. Anyone under the age of 12 months you MUST NOT DO ABDOMINAL THRUSTS   you will carry out chest thrusts it is very similar to infant CPR two fingers on the breastbone in line the baby’s arm pit it will be slower than CPR but more thrusty.

So how to position your hands when dealing with a choking baby always position you finger and thumb along the baby jaw line keeping well away from their neck area as this is soft tissue and would likely to cause swelling (on the jaw line, bones do not swell).Then carry out the 5 back blows, then turn around head lower than the body and carry out 5 chest thrusts only the one cycle then access 999/112.


As the group where covering choking I always cover Infant choking and have plenty of training manakins for them to practice.


Happy Christmas

A week later the group of delegates met up again for day 2 of the course, as we started a guy said  ….

When he went home the very next day his 8 month old Daughter was choking!

He calmly took control of the situation and his training came in and dealt with his choking Daughter with great success   he the continued to say to the rest of the group IT WORKS!!! ….. a very Happy Christmas in that household!!


And now you know…. get yourself on a course you just never know

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