A Beginners guide to First aid

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First aid is an essential skill, whether it is within the workplace or at home, people do get hurt and require someone administer treatment.

I have found in the past that these lessons may be too much PowerPoint and very little hands on practice, therefore Boring!!!!  Well yes ive sat there…. Therefore, I have changed the way I deliver the training…. Hands on is what this skill requires, this is the best way to learn.

Making mistakes is important this is how we learn, so it ok to make mistakes!! …MAKE THEM.

As a delegate you are always encouraged to ask questions at any time, its important that you fully understand, and I am more than happy to answer all questions. I want you to feel comfortable to ask.

Knowledge and insight behind the skills are important as this will develop your confidence. Yes, its not nice been in front of someone who has hurt themselves and who may have become unwell. This confidence will greatly support you in the effective treatment to your patient. This will help you to remain calm.

Many delegates often say “How can I ever remember all this”, simple be calm this will allow your brain to access the information to be able to sort out what you have in front of you.

To enable this you need to be confident and calm to allow you to problem solve!

First aid is simple and not a rocket science, all about you keeping in control, then your patient will gain confidence in you and therefore the patients’ levels of anxiety will lower making the situation better.

Yes, its like driving, today your on your course, but the real learning happens after you have passed your course, when dealing with your first patient!!!!

Remember the first day when driving your car after passing your test going round the corner at 4 MPH, but….. a week later taking the corner on two wheels!!!! Give your self a chance the more you deal with the more mistakes you will make but it’s really important, like with everything else that process of self-reflection that’s the real learning  and its ok.

Oh!! Remember to give yourself praise too!! This too is important.

Although First aid may at first appear to be all serious,  but we do have fun so that learning can take place in a relaxed environment and you are a very much welcomed member of the course.

Even now where the health services are very much under pressure and ambulance response times getting to you, its important that we able to offer some basic treatment or in more serious cases are able to sustain Human life, Just think on how good you going to feel

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